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Building Your Personal Brand = Building Your Reputation and Credibility

Column by Rita B. Allen, author of Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself

Do you actively enhance your visibility within your organization and your industry? Do you put yourself in a position to meet new people and reconnect with existing contacts? Do you actively and strategically build your personal brand?

People may find it overwhelming to do the required personal due diligence to identify and define their personal brand. This is an on-going process we must engage in when managing our careers. Once you have defined and identified your brand, the equally difficult work begins to create and build your brand. The purpose is to find opportunities that demonstrate and showcase your talents and experiences as well as build your portfolio, track record and credibility. There are many ways to do this effectively, some very obvious and traditional while others require creativity. How you package yourself will reflect your style and tell your story in a way that allows you access to the various venues in which you would like to execute your presentation.

As we build our careers, we create a history that begins to tell our story and establishes our
credibility. Another way of looking at this is to put it in terms of defining and leveraging our track
record, which is something many of us aren't accustomed to doing on a regular basis yet need to
do with focus and discipline. The following are a number of ways that can enable us to do just

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