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Tomorrow is not now and now is all we actually have

by Sy OgulnickApril 2016

But being here and now and living in the here and now is ancient advice. Been around a very long time and continues to be one the most profound utterances of human beings to each other.

Why is this brief observation and recommendation so vitally important to incorporate in our lives?

All we need do is read the paper and or watch TV and we see and hear the answer. If it’s not a severe storm, earth quake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, fire, floods, war, disease, accidents it’s some occurrence we do not expect, or if even warned in advance are ill prepared.

The point is to live life at its fullest and most honest this moment and which must mean “to be one’s own self.” So given that you have the luck of the draw and you live to be 100 plus (and its happening to more people) the question needs to be asked by each of us and only by each of us – “am I all I can be and do now or am I waiting for circumstances and others to make it so?”  

The “ship” never really comes in although we live our lives with the expectations that “one of these days, it will.” I remember my mother waiting for that ship. And, it never came in for her. I remember the many people I have known that were able to express what they so wanted and needed but would say to me “maybe tomorrow” and those tomorrows never came that I know of.

Often, today calls out for action, but how many of us put off “taking care of things” usually with a promise to take care of that which calls to us? How frequently do we hear and read about the value to us personally of some sort of exercise as a regular part of our life. I know and have been told that if not in the shape I was in prior to my operation there might have been no operation and so with my being alive. Is this pure luck or responding to what needs to be done as frequently as possible? I’m thrilled with the pay-off and now exercising five days a week. I benefit now and tomorrow will be its own day and feeling.

Everyone lives in and knows the present when they eat, do work, a simple walk and talk with friends. Many even become aware of their breathing in and exhaling out as one does in meditation and their purpose is to be as fully in the present as possible. Not to forget that we sleep and go through other bodily necessities well aware of what we do in the moment.

The point is not that there is no future, but that NOW is what we have for sure and needs to be treated not with expectations (there is that word again) of what may or may not take place beyond the NOW. An example that come to mind is walking in the rain and enjoying the smells of “washed” air and even nature’s way of cleansing the world we live in. It is, for me, a delightful experience.

Believe as we will and do, what is to come is never fully in our control even if many people believe they control their destiny, their tomorrows or that their destinies are pre-ordained. What you can believe is NOW.            Sy


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