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The House Guest that never leaves

by Denny LongMarch 2016

Understand that we react differently to problems. Some of us make snap decisions, while others carefully weigh the issue before acting. Some do better with small everyday decisions, while big issues are left hanging until the next meeting.

Conversely, we could easily make the big $50,000 decision, but then get bogged down in picking paint color for the walls. Decisions that affect your employees are particularly sticky, as you know someone could be unhappy with the results.

Whatever we do, problems often linger around for too long. They can become the house guest that never leaves.

What is Managing Genius:

     1. Always start with a clear problem statement that everyone understands. 
         Narrow the conversation around that one item. "Let me remind everyone
         why we're here". 
     2. Make sure that your team reaches closure on open issues. Everyone in
         your work group should know what happens next. Don’t leave a dangling
         conversation that distracts people and leaves them hanging.  This is a sure
         way for you to lose respect.
     3. You should step up and make the decision. Ask yourself if this current
         issue deserves more time and attention. Not every problem calls for a
         committee; sometimes the discussion process becomes the problem.

Is there any current problem or open issue that are currently lingering within your group?  Show a sense of urgency to get the matter closed. 


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