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A Band of Brothers and Sisters

A Band of Brothers and Sisters

by Sy OgulnickMay 2015

A Band of Brothers and Sisters:


Terrible events in life bring people together for brief periods of time. Those who have fought in wars against an enemy determined to kill know what it means to “count on one’s buddy.” Relationships built in fox holes may be brief, but seem like a life time.   Taking care of and watching out for each other is all they have. Without the other’s eyes, ears, and being fully there they are alone, truly alone. No human wants to be ALONE.


Now work is not war, at least not the kill or be killed part. But in an important sense work does require a relationship between people that is still intense, responsible and accountable. And when work relationships respect, nurture and bring people together this more than money makes being at work a desirable, necessary and valuable experience. The lucky people are those who experience work as inclusive, participatory, and provides opportunity to grow as a person. When this takes place intentionally and deliberately growth results and the bottom line is positively influenced.


Relationships of this nature are even more ideal when common to the family.  At work this can be made to happen through enlightened leadership, but it is more complex in a family. Leadership in the workplace is clearly established and this is true whether the leadership is quality or a disaster. Leadership in the family needs to be dynamic and moves from one individual to the other depending on experience and merit.  Family, by its nature, is in a complex relationship and is influenced by work and numerous other factors. If work relationships suffer the family feels its effects. And if difficulties exist in the family so will those problems be carried to work.


What this means is that each of us has NEEDS to feel and experience being part of the different lives we live. If it’s in a foxhole facing an enemy we need to count on the person next to us. At home it needs to be the love and security we find there.  At work it is those we work closest with and the leadership which influences the environment at work. So much of our lives are interconnected and interdependent. We need each other, and we are in relationship. For good or bad, how shall this be, and what part do I play?


When done well people COMMUNICATE AND ARE THERE FOR EACH OTHER. We become a BAND OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Is there a better way?


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