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Contagious Culture

Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives

by Anese CavanaughMcGraw-Hill Professional / 320 pages / December 2015

This game-changing business guide shows you how to create a healthy business culture that’s inspiring, energizing―and positively contagious.

The key to any company’s success lies in its culture. This timely guide from a top leadership advisor shows you how to shape and revitalize this culture―by setting the tone, engaging the team, and creating a dynamic working environment that encourages extraordinary growth, productivity, and innovation.

Using the book’s proven step-by-step techniques, you can take control of the culture you work in and build a healthier, more functional environment―from the inside out. You’ll learn how to enhance your “Intentional Energetic Presence” (IEP) as a leader to optimize your own leadership impact. And you’ll find transformative tools and exercises for improving collaborations, opening communications, and implementing changes. It’s a complete cultural mind-shift that’s not only exciting for you and your team―it’s contagious.


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