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Managing Online Reputation

How to Protect Your Company on Social Media

by Charlie PownallPalgrave Macmillan / 176 pages / October 2015

What do you when a customer lets fly at you on a high profile review site or when Greenpeace launches a surprise attack on your Facebook page? When a competitor trashes your products anonymously on a consumer review platform, one of your people goes AWOL on Reddit, or when misinformation and disinformation run rife across the web during a major crisis?

Social media has been here for years yet organizations of all shapes and sizes continue to tip toe nervously before peeved customers, aggrieved employees, eagle-eyed activists, sceptical bloggers, and opportunistic trolls. Big names are easily sullied and hard won reputations dismantled in today's volatile, judgemental, and unforgiving court of public opinion. 

Managing Online Reputation is a practical guide to protecting and defending your company's name and image on the internet and in social media. Discover:

  •  The top strategic, societal, behavioural, legal, operational and other kinds of threats to your reputation posed by social media.
  •  How organizations like Buffer, FedEx, Goldman Sachs, ING Direct, Tesla, Shell, and the US Nuclear Energy Institute handled serious online attacks on their businesses and reputations.
  •  How you can prepare for, respond to, and recover from serious incidents and crises using social media.

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