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Providing business coach listeners with critical sales training, proven education, and actionable worksheets, all downloadable for immediate use with their clients.

by Matthew PollardMay 2015

Matthew Pollard is known for transforming the landscape of both the telecommunications and nationally accredited education industries. Now, he has set out to tackle a new challenge: the business coach training industry. He aims to help the business coach who struggles to find the time to sell, coach, and create new, engaging sessions, and doesn’t want the restrictions or can’t afford to purchase an expensive franchise. 

Pollard, who has made a name for himself as ‘The Rapid Growth Guy,’ has spent his career challenging the manner in which large industries do business. He developed a somewhat radical solution for assisting business coaches and sharing the critical training and education he’s spent the last decade perfecting: he would create a series of audio and video podcasts, and give the information away for free.  So, Matthew Pollard’s The Better Business Coach Podcast was born. 

The podcast, which received over 1,800 downloads in its first week alone, allows business coaches to benefit from Pollard’s decade of coaching experience. Pollard shares his core ideology, tried and proven training, sales and marketing knowledge, and free, downloadable worksheets that listeners can use with clients immediately, offering them the ability to continually listen, implement, and grow.

 The Better Business Coach Podcast has flourished, becoming an iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ selection in just 4 days in multiple continents. Pollard assures listeners he will post his podcasts frequently, so they always have valuable learning tools available to create for themselves the most fulfilling future possible.


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