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Make It Matter


How Managers Can Motivate by Creating MeaningĀ 

by Scott MautzAmacom / 256 pages / March 2015

How many people find a true sense of meaning and fulfillment in their jobs?  Unfortunately, studies show that most do not. In fact, 70% of workers are actually disengaged and are experiencing a greater search for meaning at work then in life. Their bodies may put in long hours, but their hearts and minds never really punch in. And that’s a terrible dilemma for organizations trying to motivate their workforces to do more with less.

Make It Matter is the antidote to crisis levels of disengagement and absence of meaning at work. This upbeat, original book shows how managers can craft meaning – the motivational tour de force of our times.  In so doing, they can connect, inspire, and catapult employees (and themselves) into new realms of productivity and well-being that sustains.

The truth is that specific Markers of Meaning exist, or unique conditions that create meaning in and at work. Learn how to trigger each Marker of Meaning and inspire elevated performance and fulfillment that sustains over the long haul. You’ll walk away equipped with a host of specific ideas, insight, and practical tools to help do so.When people find meaning and feel they matter, they give their all.  Channel that power, and everyone profits.

Make It Matter draws from a multitude of data sources to help you unleash meaning.  These sources include scores of sociological, psychological, and organizational behavior studies crossed referenced with statistical modeling, interviews with over 30 CEO’s and Executive Officers and hundreds of managers across a number and size range of great companies to work for (and recognized as such), and thousands of data points from years of course instruction, keynote addresses, and consulting engagements.


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