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Power and Consequences

by Sy OgulnickMorgan James Publishing / 400 pages / March 2015

Leadership, Power and Consequences confronts leaders as the key to the problems of their personal and work relationships. People that have been and are under the thumb of inadequate leaders will know the truth of what Sy has written. This book is not necessarily for them, although it will make those that have been and are followers of dominating leaders feel vindicated that what they felt and feel is real.

Leadership, Power and Consequences is written to and for leaders, in particular those leaders that may know financial success, but failure in their relationships both personal and work related. Knowing success materially and feeling failure in one’s important relationships is never a good thing. Creating a better, healthier and more nurturing environment is possible by any leader and not only do those dependent on the leader benefit but so do the leaders.  


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