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Ignite Your Inner Leader

Inspire Teams - Optimise Results

by David E. FerrersAmacom / 326 pages / May 2014

If business books bore you, but you still want to know how to become a transformational leader, this is for you. Ignite Your Inner Leader skillfully interweaves an inspiring leadership story with valuable leadership lessons. As the exciting story unfolds your coach guides you through the best ways to manage the leadership issues that you and the hero encounter every day.

You will master the secret of leading in a way that makes others want to follow you. You will create visions that inspire teams to perform at the highest level. You will generate excitement and enthusiasm in the workplace.

This is an ideal read for young leaders who want to master the art of leading with charisma, for older leaders who want to update their leadership style and for coaches who work with leaders in the business community. 


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