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Denny Long

Denny has 20+ years working as an HR Leader in Fortune 100 companies like McCaw Cellular Communication, AT&T Wireless Services, Weyerhaeuser, and technology startups in Seattle. He was HR Manager for a startup software group and HR Manager for a unionized pulp and paper mill.

This has allowed him to work in the trenches with hundreds of people managers at all levels of the organization: Senior executives, group directors, senior managers and first-line managers. Denny has broad knowledge and understanding of how the business enterprise works.

First Career in Engineering

Denny’s first career was in engineering and operations. Undergraduate in Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Masters of Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

HR and Organizational Experience

Denny is an expert in the practical realities of managing companies and people. He has hands-on expertise building organizations and all areas HR. Masters in Human Resources from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

Crowning Achievement

At the advent of the internet in 1995, Denny was HR Director on the start-up team that built the AT&T Fixed Wireless initiative, called Project Angel. Fixed Wireless grew to a full end-to-end business unit in ten states, with 1,200 employees. Cutting-edge engineering and software development. Innovative supply chain and product management. This group was a pioneer in wireless broadband.

First job managing people

Drilling and Blasting Crew Leader at an open pit mining operation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. College kid learns the realities of managing real people doing real work.