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Beverly E. Jones

Bev understands career growth, resilience and reinvention. She works with leaders to bring new productivity to their teams and helps professionals to negotiate career transitions, to address work challenges and to continue to grow. As a coach, facilitator, speaker and writer, Bev helps professionals and organizations to become more effective, strategic and energetic

Bev’s clients include companies, trade associations, universities, government agencies and NGOs. For example, she has worked with the Smithsonian Institution, the Federal Reserve Board, DOE, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Federal Transit Administration, the University of Virginia, the Institute of Medicine, PhRMA, PSEG and Otterbein University. Her individual clients include professionals from businesses, universities and Congressional offices, as well as entrepreneurs and second-actors creating new careers. 

She also serves as Senior Fellow and Strategic Coach for the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University. Leadership development was her focus at the Organization of American States, where she created a 30-hour “Leading Change” course for high potential managers. 

From 1987 to 2000, Bev led external affairs and policy for Consolidated Natural Gas Company. There, her varied portfolio included government affairs, the CNG Foundation, and public outreach. Among other initiatives, she led a national effort to promote small-scale power generation and alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to testifying before Congressional committees, federal agencies, and state legislatures and commissions, she was engaged in strategic planning and corporate restructuring projects. Earlier, Bev was a department chairman at the Washington law firm Wickwire, Gavin and Gibbs, PC. She began her legal career in the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Before law school Bev was assistant to the president of Ohio University, where she created the affirmative action program. She lives in both Washington, DC and Rappahannock County, Virginia. Her husband, Andy Alexander, is a journalist and former Washington Post Ombudsman