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Tahl Raz

I like to make things that tell great stories and create change

I was a journalist and editor for newspapers and magazines, co-wrote two national business bestsellers, consulted to the Fortune 500 on social media and editorial strategy, and founded and ran two digital businesses, a multi-platform brand and online magazine called Jewcy, and most recently an online education company called Relationship Masters Academy.

My first book, Never Eat Alone, started with a simple question, "Can networking be learned?" Malcolm Gladwell said no. I disagreed and thought if I could find the Michael Jordan of networking, and get him or her to articulate the rules by which they operate, those rules could be taught. The result was one of the most discussed articles in Inc. Magazine history: "The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker."

My current interests and passions include: kinetic art, cooking, the science and industry of personal transformation, HBO, street smarts or practical intelligence, online education, Howard Stern, applied gaming mechanics, the science of human networks, poker, social capital, photography, mixed martial arts, meditation, transmedia storytelling, pervasive gaming, Big Data, and outdoor adventure sports.