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Alan Fairweather

Alan, The Motivation Doctor, has for the past seventeen years been developing the talents of Managers, Sales and Customer Service staff and turning them into consistent top performers.

After a successful fifteen year career as a Manager he founded his business in 1993 and works with people and organisations; speaking and running training programmes in the UK, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

He specialises in how to motivate people at work so that they deliver business results.

Early Career

Alan served an apprenticeship and worked as mechanical engineer with Barr & Stroud, Glasgow.A total of twenty-three years was spent in sales and management.


Alan is the author of two books: ‘How to be a Motivational Manager’ and ‘How to Manage Difficult People’

Seminars and Workshops

Alan’s seminars and workshops are based around: Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, Management and Managing Difficult People. They are designed to meet the needs of the client’s business and the needs of the participants. The emphasis on any seminar or workshop is to develop the skills of the participants leading to more customers and more sales!

Areas of Expertise

Alan did the job of a middle manager – and did it effectively for fifteen years. He knows the real challenges that managers and team leaders face every day with their people.

He’s used the ‘3 Secrets of Motivation’ he speaks about in his seminars, they worked for him and they will work for managers in any organisation.

Alan’s strengths as a Speaker and Seminar Leader lie in his depth of knowledge across business sectors coupled with energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity to participant needs. He is also conscious of the need to satisfy the client organisation’s business objectives. s)

Other Credentials

Member – Professional Speakers Association of Europe

Diploma in Management – Open University Business School

Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy – Centre School

Alan is a regular article contributor to several business magazines and newspapers, including the Straits Times in Singapore